Standard Charging NiMH Cells

Standard charge means charging at 0.1C for 16 hours. How does it compare to -dV? Let’s find out.

Test Objects

The manufacturer of GP Recyko+ 2700 writes on the cells directly “NiMH AA HR6 270AAHC 1.2V min.2600mAh Standard Charge 16hours at 260mA”

Test Method

Charge done on SkyRC MC3000 with timer set to 960 minutes. Charge current is 190mA for Eneloops and 260mA for GP Recyko+ 2700.

Discharge done on OPUS BT-C2000 at 500mA - the same as in the cycle life tests.

  1. discharge the cells, write down the capacities
  2. standard charge the cells for 16 hours
  3. every 3 cycles measure and write down the internal impedance
  4. repeat steps 1-3 until feasable

This test is going to take months…

Test Results (Ongoing)

Standard Charging Panasonic Eneloop Standard Charging GP Recyko+ 2700

Conclusion (Ongoing)