OPUS BT-C2000 vs OPUS BT-C700

OPUS BT-C2000 is the analysing charger I use for cycling baterries. I use these currents:

For personal use I preffer the smaller OPUS BT-C700 with these currents:

BT-C700 charges with lower current and at the end of the charche (at around 1.45V) it halves the current and terminates on what seems to be 0dV. Both these things should lead to less wear on the battery and higher cycle count. But is it so? Let’s put it to the test!

Test Objects

Test Results

EBL 2300

EBL 800


I was expecting higher cycle counts for cells charged with BT-C700 as oposed to OPUS BT-C2000. That did not really happen.

The internal resistance (a good health indicator) was very similar for all AA cells, that means both chargers performed equally well.

I am puzzled with the AAA results. The BT-C700 did a better job from internal resistence point of view, but yielded less predictable capacities. I don’t know why.

I prefer BT-C700 for AA cells and BT-C2000 for AAA cells.