Aging of NiMH Cells (2 Years of Storage)

I’ve got some leftover cells from tests I conducted 2 years ago. I thought I could test them and compare them with their earlier results.

So here we go…

Test Objects and Results (Ongoing)

AA Cells

Fujitsu Black - no change

Fujitsu Black

TRONIC eco 2400 - higher IR

TRONIC eco 2400

VARTA 2600 - lower capacity, higher IR

VARTA 2600

Camelion Ni-MH 2300 - lower capacity, higher IR

Camelion Ni-MH 2300

AAA Cells

Vapex Instant 950 - no change

Vapex Instant 950

enelong 900 - lower capacity

enelong 900

everActive ProfessionalLine 1000 - lower capacity, higher IR

everActive ProfessionalLine 1000

Polarcell 1150 - lower capacity

Polarcell 1150

Camelion Ni-MH 1000 - lower capacity

Camelion Ni-MH 1000

Camelion Ni-MH 1100 - lower capacity

Camelion Ni-MH 1100

ActivEnergy 900 ReadyToUse - lower capacity

ActivEnergy 900 ReadyToUse

PKCell 1200 - lower capacity

PKCell 1200

TRONIC eco 900 - higher IR

TRONIC eco 900


Some better cells (made in Japan) don’t age that much. Other tend to loose capacity or develop higher internal resistance or both.

If you need to buy NiMH cells for storage then go with the Japanese ones. Otherwise it is better to wait until you need them and buy them fresh anew from reputable sources.

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