AA Cycler's Dream Charger

My dream charger, if it existed, would be a compact 4-slot fanless charger with 4 functions:

Charge would charge AA cells at 1000mA and AAA cells at 500mA until the cell reached 1.45Voc (or 1.65Vc). Then it would gradually lower the current to keep the cell at 1.45Voc (or below 1.65Vc). It would terminate when the current went below 200mA or the voltage dropped without decreasing the current. No top-off or trickle charge.

Discharge would discharge the cell with 500mA down to 0.9Vd and would leave the cell discharged.

Test would charge-discharge-charge the cell and would show the discharged capacity and the duration of last charge.

Refresh would discharge-charge the cell 3 times and would show the last discharged capacity and the duration of last charge.

It would measure internal resistance before every operation.

User Interface

It would have only 4 buttons, one for each slot. Short button press would toggle the display information (V, mA, mAh, h, mR) for the given slot, long button press would change the function for the given slot.

The LCD backlight would turn off after 30 seconds and would turn on either after job completion or key press. After job completion it would stay on until battery removal or button press. It would flash on error.

If you know of such a charger please let me know :-)

AA Cycler